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Check out our incredible selection of RTR Radio Control Boats, Electric Radio Control Boats, Gas RC boats and remote control sailboats. Sometimes looking for the right boat can be overwhelming, so if you need a recommendation for your skill level or would like a package so you can race multiple radio control boats, just contact us and we'll help you out.

Spend some time and browse our site for your new RC boat and remember, all our prices for radio controlled boats include FREE shipping in the continental U.S.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help ordering the right boat for you.

Aircraft Carriers and BattleShips

Electric RC Boats

RC Sailboats


32" PX-16 Storm Engine Electric RC Catamaran Boat (BA16)
Market price: $159.95 save 44%
AquaCraft Mini Wildcat Catamaran Electric RC Boat
Market price: $160.00 save 22%
Mini Wildcat Catamaran Package
Market price: $160.00 save 22%
RC Killer Whale Electric Dual Motor Speed Boat (B18)
Market price: $99.95 save 31%
Speed X Cyclone RTR Electric Boat (BXC)
Market price: $129.95 save 31%
HighWind NQD Racer Remote Controlled Boat (HWC7)
Market price: $149.95 save 47%
29 Inch EP Racing (EP777)
Market price: $129.95 save 42%
27 Inch Dual Motor Electric RC Racing Boat RTR (BT901)
Market price: $94.95 save 16%
Mini Tracer BM2 Small RC Speed Boat (BM2)
Market price: $89.95 save 28%
Radio Control Smasher Destroyer HT-2879 (B79)
Market price: $99.95 save 31%
26" HydroGlider RC Boat Plane
Market price: $299.99 save 33%
15" RC Sailing Yacht
Market price: $89.00 save 42%
Challenger Aircraft Carrier RC Electric RTR Boat (B78)
Market price: $99.95 save 31%