Anybody bought a radio controlled hydrofoam car/boat/plane thingy?

Have you seen these?

It's a radio controlled car that flies and goes on water, look great but i've just heard they are very difficult to control.

I was thinking about on for my daughter who is 10yrs old.

I have some basic experience of model planes but from 20 years ago.

Has anybody got one?
They are going for around £100 on Ebay.

Link here so you know what it looks like.


You're ten year old daughter? C'mon, it's for you isn't it! (it's ok, I bought a Nitro truck for my nephews, honest!).

They're a doddle to fly but I'd probably hesitate getting one for a ten year old simply because by and large, they don't understand the dynamics of keeping the things airborne. They're also pretty fast and experience has taught me that when kids can't control them properly they either keep the throtte pinned open (so it crashed into the next town) or just let go (so it drops out the sky as these do, they're not planes remember so don;t glide as well!).

That said, they're pretty tough and certainly a good laugh. I'd probably say that if the kids had experience of flying something before then go for it, if she hasn't, look at something like the "air hogs" range. They're very simple RC planes and bomb proof. Designed for exactly your purpose.

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