Aquacraft / Great Planes Model Distributors Mini Rio radio control boat

There was a heavy chop on the pond and it made the Mini Rio catch air constantly. I had more fun with it that day than I had to date. It’s surprisingly agile on the water, thanks to a good center of gravity and dual rudders. My only issue was with the cavitation on start. When you hit the throttle, the Rio will cavitate for about 4 seconds before the prop grabs the water and off she goes.

The speed of the Mini Rio is not outstanding, but is more than adequate for some serious fun. Once it gets going, the Rio holds a good attitude and puts up a nice mini rooster tail. Turning can be smooth or neck breaking; just give the wheel a little input and it will carve nicely, or crank it to full-lock and watch it spin out! As with most fast boats, it turns with more authority to the left due to prop-walk, but the twin rudders make left and right hand turns very easy.

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