Aquacraft / Great Planes Model Distributors VS1 Competition Tunnel Hull radio controlled boat

Once you get the VS1 setup to your liking, expect fast running down the straights and no bad tendencies when turning. I’ve got mine to where I can usually turn sharp running wide open but I like to blip the throttle before I enter the turn to get the nose down and avoid flipping. The pictures below show a good ride attitude with the nose lifted down the straights. Also, watch the video and you can see when the VS1 is turning well and when too much deflection was given at high speed, causing the hull to trip a little in the turn.

Running a tunnel, in my opinion, is more gratifying than running any other type of boat. It requires more attention while driving, its more sensitive to a proper setup than most hulls, and just looks so much cooler flying past you with only the tips of the sponsons touching the water.

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