GoPro HERO RC Camera Wide Angle RC Video Cam

The world’s smallest, wireless on-board video camera for RC vehicles. The RC HERO(tm) is the ultimate waterproof, shockproof camera for mounting to your radio controlled car, plane, or boat. Since it’s waterproof to 100 feet (30 meters) deep, you could even mount it to your RC Submarine. A quick release mounting design means its easy to attach your camera to different locations on different models. Several adhesive (removable when needed) mounting baseplates are included. Finally, now you can capture a driver’s-seat view from your favorite RC machine, thanks to the RC HERO. The included polycarbonate housing is as tough as your RC truck…probably tougher. You can jump, flip, roll and crash all you like and capture it on video. Even in the biggest crash, the RC HERO will stay on and keep filming. It incorporates the same real world race-proven engineering of our Motorsports HERO

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