help me i want to build a remote controlled boat?

Hi i am looking to build a rc boat to use to drop bait while i am fishing i have the hull but need to fit am new motor but was’nt sure what size and also some servos to allow forward ,reverse ,left and rigt turning but also a need to opperate a bait dropper which is a lft up and down mechinism any help on what radio gear servos and motors would be very helpful.

Get onto do a hitec zebra 4ch set (HT340/40) for £39.99.A basic set but it will do you for your needs and give you an extra channel spare.They also do a laser 4 channel set (HT46L) for £85 instead of £99, A better set.A sail servo with a roller drum will do you for your bait dropping as it moves through 180 degrees.This you will have to purchace seperately.Hope this helps.The motor will depend on the size of the hull,so ask the model shop for advice.