Built for speed, the Speedstorm R/C Hydro Boat is ready to race right out of the box! The Speedstorm Hydro Boat is Over 2 feet Long and built to last! The spoiler, rudder and turn fin all work together flawlessly to keep the boat firmly planted on the water. Acceleration from idle is simply outstanding. Its superb fiberglass construction and outstanding engines and radio equipment give you an out-of-box experience on par with most anything you could build for yourself. Powered by two 380 type motors and twin torsion propellers this sleek boat glides across the water at speeds up to 15 mph. The vector push design and streamline body provide easy handling at high speeds. Designed for use on lakes or small ponds the Speedstorm is as close as you can get to the adrenaline rush of real hydro racing. The hi-capacity rapid charge Ni-Cd battery provides maximum race time. Available in  YELLOW ONLY .    Features: Fiberglass composite Fuselage Length: Beam: Hull:  27.5 in (698.5 mm) 14 in (355.6 mm) Top Speed: 15 mph 380 type twin racing motors Twin propellers 27 MHz frequency Hi-capacity rapid charge 7.2 Volt Ni-Cd battery   Includes:   Pistol grip remote control Antenna Eight (8) ‘AA’ batteries Rechargeable 7.2 Volt Ni-Cd battery AC Power adapter 

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