Reef Racer 2 Remote Control Model Boat with battery pack & charger

RadioControlled Ready-to-Run Electric Speed Boat. Comes with battery pack and charger. The super-quick vee-hull Reef Racer 2 comes complete and ready to run, with a durable hull and prepainted hatch, with factory-applied decals theres even a painted driver figure! The Reef Racer 2 offers quick response and turn-on-a-dime handling even at top speeds. Easily removable watertight covers that protect the electronics equipment and the Reef Racer 2s self-righting hull design ensure non-stop action! With its amazing maneuverability, the Reef Racer 2 is perfect for swimming pools, small ponds and lakes! The Reef Racer 2 features easily removable watertight covers that protect the electronics compartments. The transmitter can be converted for left or right hand use. Includes a powerful, water-cooled 380-size electric motor for high speed action. The included 7.2-volt, 1100mAh Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery provides longer run times, and comes with a 30-minute 12-volt, field charger for quick charging! Hull Length: 15 inches Beam: 5.3 inches, H: 4″ Speed: over 15 mph Motor run time: 15 minutes 6 different freq. available for racing. (Available in six different colors.) The color of each Reef Racer is different depending on the radio channel. Requires: 8 AA batteries for the transmitter.

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