Remote Control F1 Hydro U8 Boat RTR R/C R 1:12 scale with Pistol Grip Remote Control

Remote Control F1 Hydro U8 Boat RTR R/C R 12:1 scale with Pistol Grip Remote Control. This is our brand new 29″ Radio Controlled U-8 Hydroplane Speed Boat. It is truly a 12:1 scale replica of actual U-8 Hydroplane. It is powered by high performance twin engines to achieve amazing speeds on the water. Its aerodynamic body design allows it to achieve its speed quickly and easily. Fully functional radio control system provides smooth and responsive handling of the boat. It comes with all the items necessary to get you started and racing immediately. * Factory pre-assembled, ready-to-run out of the box * Full function remote control hydroplane speed boat action * Powered by 380 racing motor type * Professional large torsion twin propeller system * Detailed exterior paint scheme * 7.2V rechargeable Battery Pack * Pistol grip transmitter * AC Battery Charger * 8 x AA batteries for remote control * Dimension: 29″(L) x 15″(W) x 7.5″(H) * Suitable for younger children of age 6 & up A flat FEDEX fee of $15.00 will apply for insured delivery due to size and weight. Video found Here:

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