Remote Control Racing Hydro Boat Rc 1:25 Scale

Check out our awesome Remote Control Racing Hydro Boat RC 1:25 Scale model. This boat will provide a lot of fun for the money! If you order more then one boat we will ship two separate frequencies automatically. Special Features include: Full Function Radio Controlled Remote Controller, Battery Pack, Charger All Included 9.6v Rechargeable Battery Glossy Exterior Paint Twin Motor Speed: 10-15 mph Factory Assembled Ready To Run Twin Motors Prof. Designed Propeller Prof. Hi-Capacity Rechargeable Battery and Quick Battery Charger Make The Boat A Long Time And Hi-Speed Race Vector-Push Design, Easy To Be Controlled 100% Metal Actuating Mechanism Which is Durable Dimension: L18″ W10″ H4″ Ready to Run Package Includes: Remote Controller 9v Battery of the Controller 9.6v Rechargeable RC Car Battery Battery Charger Adapter (110V) Run time is approx 8-14 minutes depending on water conditions and how fast you go full speed!!! Choose Yellow or Red Video Found Here:

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