WANTED. Someone to fit a mechanism to make hoppers work on a fishing bait boat.?

I have built 2 Radio controlled bait boats for fishing.Need someone who knows how to fit a mechanism to the hoppers to make them work (tip).I will gladly supply parts and pay for labour.Please Help.

I just made the hopper spring loaded with a damper, and used the throttle servo to release the catch by pulling full down trim (no reverse) – note it was a methanol engine. The same thing can be done with the steering servo at full left or right deflection plus trim with the boat stationary if electric.

Best to make such things self powered and just use the switch to activate. Don’t make the hopper so big it threatens the stability when activated. Allowing the hopper to fully hinge over the stern and lie on the water will not compromise handling and windage too much.

Good luck.