29″ RC Apparition EP Racing Super Boat Electric Rechargeable Battery Included

The Apparition 29″ EP RC Boat is powered by 380 Type Racing Motor which can produce tremendous racing power. It is professionally designed (Vector-Push Design) with twin propellers which not only provide huge thrust, but also provide durability and stability. This RC Boat also includes an Pro Hi-Capacity Rechargeable battery and quick battery charger that provides longer run time and more powerful speed. 100% Metal Actuating Durable Mechanism! Specifications: * Boat Size: 29″ * Twin Professional style torsion propellers * 2 super high speed motors, capable of pushing this boat to 27 knots (31 mph) * Radio Controller with 3 functions providing forward, port and starboard control * Large high capacity battery * Ni-Cc 7.2v 1700mah rechargeable battery pack with charger unit. (8 x AA batteries required for the handset). A Flat FEDEX Fee of $15.00 will apply for insured delivery due to size and weight. Video Found Here:

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