PX-16 Electric RC Catamaran Boat 2

Electric RC boat now comes with racers. Yes, you will be doing all the steering, but the 2 boat racers in the pit add to the effect. This RC boat is fashioned after a Catamaran hull design and cuts through waves like a hot knife through butter. Twin propellers are powered by 2, 380 racing motors that will have you speeding along at about 20 MPH.

We have had great results with this remote control boat in both rough and calm waters so whether you live on a lake or near the ocean you will have tons of fun. This fun eletric RC boat measures 28″L x 10″W x 5.5″H and the range on the remote control is about 700 feet. Want to race 2 boats at once? No, problem. Order now and we will send you separate radio frequencies for dual boating fun.

Order this electric RC boat today and we will include the boat, remote control, rechargeable battery pack, and charger. Run time is about 25 minutes.

Please note the model has a safety feature that will not allow the propellors on the model to not work until the boat is placed in the water!

Duration : 0:1:24

[youtube mYTdGsgAATg]