ThunderCat 31 RTR with .32 Marine Engine & Radio, Pro Boat #2750

Features Dynamite .32 water-cooled marine engine and tuned exhaust Sullivan Tiger Drive starting system and handheld starter Stainless steel running hardware Prepainted fiberglass composite catamaran hull Pro Boat 2-channel AM 27MHz pistol-grip radio system Custom boat stand included Overview Just like other boats from Pro Boat, the ThunderCat is packed with all the features and handcrafted quality you’ve come to expect from Pro Boat. First, the ThunderCat’s catamaran-style hull is handcrafted from a fiberglass composite material and has excellent stability in the water. The hull is completely painted and has the decals already applied. The ThunderCat features Sullivan’s revolutionary Tiger Drive system for fast and easy engine starting. The included handheld electric starter eliminates pull starting and gets the engine revving at the push of a button. Dynamite’s powerful .32 marine engine offers incredible power and speed. The water-cooled head maintains the optimum operating temperature for high speeds and long life. The engine comes with a tuned exhaust system installed, optimizing the powerband and performance for blistering speed. Stainless steel running hardware ensures quick handling and razor-sharp turns, while the installed Pro Boat composite propeller transfers all of the engine’s performance to the water for intense speed. Finally, a Pro Boat radio system comes installed with the ThunderCat for optimum control. Features include servo reversing, steering and throttle trim adjustments and more. All you need for a fun day in the water is some fuel, 12 AA batteries and a glow driver!

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