Super Fast Nitro Gas RC Jet Boat

This nitro RC boat is setting new standards in gas boating. This race ready nitro boat features a powerful 2.67cc water-cooled engine and is a top seller among serious boaters. Comes completely assembled and RTR (ready to run). Includes racing decals and racer heads. This nitro boat is extremely fast and eats waves and wakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have many customers in Florida that use this remote control boat in the ocean! Once you get to the water and the waves are starting to get choppy, you think youll have to pack your stuff up and go home? Well the guys that brought those little RC Sailboats will have to go home, but you wont. This nitro RC boat features a deep vee hull that conquers the rough water. Along with blazing speed, the bright race inspired graphics will leave your friends in awe. Equipped with a spacious hull that contains the inboard motor and electronics, working on the boat is a piece of cake. Still want more? Order 2 of these RC boats and we will give you separate radio frequencies for dual boating fun. We realize that many buyers of our nitro boats will be giving them as a gift. Make sure that you have the nitro starter kit , fuel, and tell the person to charge the Glow Plug Igniter for at least 15 hours prior to use. The Glow Plug Igniter that we sell includes an AC Adapter for charging and comes with other accessories as well. The Glow Plug must be fully charged in order to start the nitro RC boat, car, or truck. Nitro RC boats , cars, and trucks will keep you amazed for hours. Choose your favorite nitro RC today and start having fun! Length: 740mm (29.1″) Width: 230mm (9.1″) Height: 160mm (6.3″) Screw D36x1.3 Power: .16 (2.67cc) water-cooled marine engine with re-coil pull start Weight: approx. 1,400g (3.1lbs) Drive System: Direct shaft system Duration of cruising: approx. 10-15 min./75cc RTR (ready to run) w/radio Searching for a different style or model of radio control boat or toy? Browse our full line of remote control

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