Syma Electric Speed Cruiser Radio Remote Control RC Boat

28 Blazingly Fast Victory EP Racing RC Boat is the fastest RC Boat in our Big RC Boat category. This R/C Racing Boat is powered by 2 powerful motor spinning propellers. Power comes from a included standard Sub C Nicad Pack (as used in tamiya cars) which will give around 15 minutes of runtime after fully charged. The boat is powered by 380 Type racing motor which produces tremendous power. Professionally designed and manufactured PC twin-propeller which not only provides huge thrust to speeds of 15-20mph, but it’s durable as well. Imagine that! 15-20mph and it’s not even gas-powered!   FEATURES: Vector-push design for easy control. Length: 28 x Width: 10 x Height: 6.1 100% durable metal actuating mechanism. Powered by 380 type racing motor for tremendous power. Professionally designed and manufactured PC twin propeller.  Professional grade Hi-Capacity rechargeable battery pack and A/C adapter. SPECS: Scale 1:20 (28 inches) Available Frequency: 27MHz Speed: Approx. 20 mph Full Function R/C Boat Average running time: Up to 30 minute It is recommended that children have adult supervision

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