CEN Wave Shark w/ .18 Engine (GP) RTR Radio Remote Control RC Electric Boat

    CEN Racing Wave Shark was the first Ready-to-Run nitro powered personal watercraft on the market.  The Wave Shark uses CEN’s reliable NT-18, 2.99cc water-cooled nitro engine, which is connected to a high performance tuned pipe for major horsepower.  The Wave Shark has been clocked at 30MPH in the water.  It is available Ready-to-Run or 90% assembled without radio.  RTR includes the reliable Mirage III pistol grip radio.  Driver and racing decals included. RTR (ready to run) w/radio GP Version Length: 740mm (29.1) Width: 230mm (9.1) Height: 160mm (6.3) Screw D36x1.3 Power: .18 marine engine (2.95cc) Weight: 1.90kg (4.22lbs) Drive System: Direct shaft system Duration of cruising: approx. 5min./75cc Description Item No. mph Wave Shark PWC w/ .18 Engine 2056 35+

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