Fast Nitro RC Boats

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Who says kid’s toys are for kids? Playing with adult versions of children’s toys is quite popular with many adults. With nitro remote control boats, rc boats are not just for kids anymore. Nitro RC Boats are a lot different from the little boats many of us played with when we were younger.

Nitro radio controlled boats are radio controlled boats powered by nitrous fuel. Yes the nitrous used in auto racing. These nitro remote control boats can be very expensive and are somewhat complicated to maintain. The nitro RC boats tend to be faster than even gas powered boats but are generally not as large.

Once you’ve gotten your radio controlled boat in the water and are racing it around you’ll definitely feel like it was not a waste of time getting involved. Weak or faint hearted people should not participate in nitro RC boat racing, it is not the sport or hobby for them. maneuvering a nitro radio controlled boat that approach speeds of 70 + miles per hours is not an easy thing to do. You don’t have a cockpit view like in video games so you have to hone your instincts for controlling your boat.

You have to keep an eye on your boat and its position. Not to mention the competitors that may be around your boat. In competition, everyone racing nitro RC boats or boats of any kind have to be very aware of their surroundings. Just because nitro boats are small does not mean that they cannot dangerous.

Some other things require consideration before taking your boat out racing. Fuel handling procedures have to be followed so that the danger of a fire or explosion is avoided. Nitrous fuel is extremely volatile and you must pay attention. Gasoline can be dangerous but nitrous fuel can burn quicker and hotter. Gas is a the main fuel for racing and nitrous is added to boost its volatility and create power, no wonder it is more dangerous.

Improper handling of the fuel during any stage whether it be storage, fueling, or usage can be dangerous. This isn’t to discourage you from using nitrous fuel, just pay attention, use common sense, follow the instructions, and be cautious around all flammable materials. It is people who ignore these guidelines when handling nitrous fuel the normally end up getting hurt.

Racing nitro remote control boats can be a lot of fun though. You can either race or just cruise your boat on the lake, both are really fun to do. If you can’t go out on the open seas you can use one these little radio controlled monsters to get a great boating experience. Using the term monster is quite literal as some of the high end boats display unreal performance and power and can also be up to four feet in length.

There is no doubt that racing nitro RC boats can be a great pastime or sport. Always be sure to be careful and follow all the safety tips and rules to the letter so you do not get hurt. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Enough said, go out and enjoy your remote control boat right now.