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Aquacraft Atlantic Harbor Tug RTR (AQUB59A)

Aquacraft Atlantic Harbor Tug RTR (AQUB59A)
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Aquacraft Atlantic Harbor Tug RTR

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Years ago, the only models to offer this level of realism were expensive kits that required years of experience and months of work. But with the Atlantic Harbor Tugboat, it takes only minutes to be underway in a vessel that would look completely natural in any harbor setting. On the water, on the shore, or resting on the mantle in its custom display stand, the Atlantic Harbor Tugboat is a showpiece that any modeler will be proud to own.

No building or finishing!
The hull and cabin are one-piece designs and all details are factory-applied. Finishing is either complete or unnecessary. The fiberglass hull is already painted and covered in a glossy finish for easy maintenance.

Dock-side authenticity!
Modeled with details taken from real working tugs, from bitts on the deck to working lights on the mast!

Arrives with the radio, light and drive systems, a 550 motor and forward/reverse ESC already installed.

  • The painted cabin duplicates the look of a working tug and serves as an easy-access hatch to all on-board gear.
  • Flip a switch and watch the Atlantic light up! Long-lasting LEDs provide interior lighting for the cabin and bridge, red (port) and green (starboard) lights on the cabin sides and a spotlight and mast lights above.
  • Rubber tires and foam fenders are already lashed in place, ready to absorb impacts.
  • Molded rubber bumper captures the look of the bow protection on real harbor tugs.
  • The multi-level cabin features handrails, stairs and ladders for increased scale appearance.
  • A lifeboat and moving davit on the stern look ready for rescue operations.
  • Cabin details including hatches, a fire extinguisher, life preservers, portholes and ladders are already painted and in place.
  • The Atlantic's twin swivel anchors add authentic detail to the bow's appearance.
  • All on-board electronics including the motor, ESC and radio gear are already installed.
  • An ESC, 550 motor and direct-drive system combine for smooth, powerful maneuvering in forward and reverse.
  • The large rudder and 3-blade metal prop make for easy maneuvering on the water.

  • Length: 30.3 in (770 mm)
  • Beam: 9.8 in (250 mm)
  • Height: 19 in (485 mm)
  • Requires: 6-7 cell NiCd or NiMH battery, charger and 10 "AA" batteries

ACCESSORIES & EXTRAS (At Bottom of Page):
  • 7.2V Battery Pack
  • Charger for 7.2V Battery
  • Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter (10 needed)


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