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Low Price Promise

RCBoatsOnly.com promises to provide you with the lowest prices available. Be sure to note that all our prices (over $100.00) include all tax and shipping costs. If you find a lower price, including your shipping and tax costs, let us know and we will match it.  **Please note that we ask you to send us a copy of the site and a copy of the page on which the item is being sold.**

Note: When comparing our price to a competitor's price, please keep in mind that we don't charge sales tax or other fees. This must be taken into consideration before doing the price comparison. The Low Price Promise does not apply to clearance items because they are one of a kind and priced according to their condition. The Low Price Promise also does not apply to competitors that run a 'members-only' program and require an annual fee for membership or auction sites such as eBay. These are exempt from this Low Price Promise.  We will honor the price of any legitimate retail source.  Also, note that we reserve the right to deny a Low Price Promise if it actually results in our company taking a net loss on the transaction. You also need to notify us before your purchase or shipment. Once your boat is shipped, it voids any discounts and low price promise.

The subject item must be in stock and available for delivery. No backorders accepted.